The Sandy Ranch is just over 113 acres, but the topography of the land makes it feel much larger than it is. Sandy Creek runs for more than 3200' through the center of the property from west to east, and the north side of the creek is very much like Enchanted Rock State Park, while the south side of the creek feels totally different with huge trees, mossy boulders, and cliffs.

When the property was purchased in 2006 it had been completely overrun with cattle, but thanks to an effective Wildlife Management plan the land has been returned to its natural state. This is probably what Enchanted Rock would look like if it wasn't trampled by thousands of visitors each week. It is a true Texas Hill Country gem!

The granite dome
We have the last large granite dome of the Enchanted Rock formation (which you can see in the distance)


The Dome
A view of the dome from the middle of the ranch


The Dome
The view from the dome is amazing!


The Dome
Fantastic views of Sandy Creek running through the valley


Spectacular scenery everywhere!


cliff view
Cliff views


Fall colors
Fall color!


The bat cave
The bat cave.


granite formations
Formations and Boulders


The Cabin at the Sandy Ranch
Some formations are huge!


The gold mine
Story has it that under this pile of boulders is an old gold mine.


There is water eveywhere!


vernal pools
Vernal pools up on the dome


A large cascading waterfall!


Sandy Creek
Sandy Creek


the milky way
The skies are so clear you can see the Milky Way!


yellow wildflowers
Wildflowers everywhere!


More wildflowers!

This is just a small sampling of photos which only touch on the variety of things to see. A more complete portfolio of Sandy Ranch photos is here.



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